Nancy Davis PhD


I’m Nancy Davis, a licensed clinical psychologist, creative writer & teller of therapeutic stories.


I first discovered the power of therapeutic stories in 1986 while serving a Post-Doctoral Fellowship with the Sexual Abuse Team, Division of Child Protection, at Children’s Hospital National Medical Center. Frustrated with the lack of techniques that were effective in counseling young, sexually abused children, I asked my mentor, Karen Custer, LCSW-C, for guidance. She suggested the use of “therapeutic stories” and provided an outline for my first story.


It was written for a four-year-old girl who had been sadistically sexually abused by her natural father. In our sessions before I created and and shared this story with her, the young girl had screamed and acted terrified at being separated from her mother. I was amazed and gratified when her symptoms significantly decreased after this story was read to her several times during two of her therapy sessions I began to create other stories with themes and characters tailored to the individual child and his or her situation. As I read these stories during sessions with abused children, I was amazed at the positive changes that they seemed to stimulate. Encouraged by the power of therapeutic stories to promote healing and positive growth for abused children, I expanded the subject matter and focus of my therapeutic stories, including stories written specifically for teenagers and adults. I began to get requests for copies of my stories from therapists, teachers and other health care professionals. This led to the writing and publication of my first book, Therapeutic Stories to Heal Abused Children in 1988; followed by Therapeutic Stories that Teach & Heal in 1996. My most recent book, Therapeutic Stories to Heal & Empower was completed and published in late 2019. The new book contains many entirely new stories, along with several edited and updated stories from my 1998 book Therapeutic Stories to Heal Abused Children (which is no longer in print). It also contains an expanded discussion of how to modify and adapt the stories in the book to individual patients/clients, as well as how to write original therapeutic stories.


Since earning my PhD in 1972, my career has explored several paths: clinical psychologist in private practice, therapist, author, creator of stories, teacher/trainer and expert witness. I also served several years as Chief of Counseling services for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

For many years I specialized in treating victims traumatized by abuse, violence and other traumatic events or situations. My interest in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and my husband’s career in the FBI, led me to begin treating federal, state and local law enforcement officers, firemen and other first responders for job-related trauma. After years of serving as a consultant with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), I served as the FBI’s Chief of Counseling Services for several years. During this phase of my career, I treated hundreds of law enforcement officers and first responders for job-related trauma. Building on my training and experience in biofeedback, hypnosis, visual imagery, PTSD, abuse, domestic violence, grief, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) , I created a therapeutic technique I call “Multisensory Trauma Processing” (MTP). MTP often assists in processing trauma very quickly, typically resulting in dramatic improvement in symptoms after one or two long therapy sessions. I am currently working to complete a book explaining this
technique in substantial detail and how to effectively utilize it. It will be available for sale on Amazon when printed.

Although I discontinued my private practice when my husband retired and we moved to Florida in 2010, I am continuing with my writing and will continue to participate in training and continuing education seminars both in the U.S. and Europe.