For use with adolescents and adults:

1. Put the client into a hypnotic trance

2. Say the following, adding the appropriate variations so that the technique is individualized for each client or patient. The underlined portions are those which are used again and again:

I read a book the other day. It was about a woman who had been quite abused as a child. She had grown up feeling no one loved her. When she was eighteen, she met a wonderful man. Four years later, they were married. After the woman had been married to him for 40 years, her husband died. The woman became so depressed that she could not find any reason to go on.

But, lo and behold, I turned to the next chapter where, to my amazement, this woman had found a way to love herself, to find friends and to pull herself out of her depression. And I was so proud that she had found everything she needed within herself to make these positive changes and to heal herself.